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A Statistic That Should Make Even The GOP Pause (But Won’t)

It’s a stone cold fact that the Republican Party only listens to one group when it comes to money: the 1%. This is the precise reason that they are so buried in social conservatism. It is impossible to convince Mr. and Mrs. Main Street to vote for your policies that only benefit Mr. Wall Street. Mr. and Mrs. Main Street are not normally stupid enough to cut their own throats. What to do? Convince them that abortion and gay marriage will destroy the country and roving bands of minorities will kidnap and rape your children. Once the Main Streets are good and outraged (and scared), their brains short circuit and they’ll let you do anything you want to make Mr. Wall St. happy as long as you “protect” them.

But sometimes an issue comes along that is so unpopular that even Republicans have a hard time selling it. ThinkProgress reports that more people believe in witchcraft and spells than agree with Citizens United.

According to the poll, “69% of respondents agreed that ‘new rules that let corporations, unions and people give unlimited money to Super PACs will lead to corruption.’Only 15% disagreed.”

To put this in perspective, a 2007 poll found that 19 percent of Americans believe in “spells or witchcraft,”

That means that even with the entire power of the Fox News and AM radio propaganda machine going for two years, conservatives are still overwhelmingly opposed to Citizens United, never mind the rest of the country. In the face of such resistance, do you think the GOP will support a Constitutional Amendment to overturn it? Don’t be ridiculous! Citizens United is the best thing to ever happen for corporations and the 1%! And that means it’s great for the GOP.

Too bad it’s terrible for everyone that’s not rich and for American democracy in general. But since when do Republicans give a damn about that anyway?

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