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Spoiled Brat Of The Day: John Boehner

Awarded to Speaker of the House John Boehner for the following very serious and very grown-up response:

Q: Last week the acting OMB director sent a letter to Congressional appropriators saying that basically the top line agreed to in the Budget Control Act, that the President would veto it if it’s not met.

BOEHNER: Blah blah blah blah blah, alright, so?

Q: Is that an official response?


Last year, the GOP threatened a government shutdown and all kinds of hell if they didn’t get their way. They settled for a sulky compromise in the form of the Super Committee that they assumed would give them what they wanted: more tax cuts and cuts to social programs. They were apparently so sure of this that they agreed to massive military cuts in the event that the Super Committee deadlocked. Well, it did and these triggers were to go into effect this year. Surprise! The GOP is back to holding its breath and stamping its feet because they don’t like the way things went!

For making a very public deal and still going back on your word as well  giving the kind of response to a serious question worthy of a child in need of a good slap across the mouth, Congratulations, John Boehner! You’re a spoiled brat!!

Now go have a beer to celebrate. Or two. Or three…

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2 thoughts on “Spoiled Brat Of The Day: John Boehner

  1. dragontech64 on said:

    Needs something stronger than beer to “celebrate” the existence of the CryBaby Oompa Loompa Boehner,,, Can I get a fifth of Jack on that?

  2. *hands you a mason jar of my daddy’s moonshine* This will work better.

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