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Blue Dog Democrats Primaried Out By Liberals And Suddenly The Democratic Party Is JUST As Radical As The GOP?

I call bullshit. But that’s the mainstream media for you. Two conservative Democrats get pushed out by liberals and the entire party is suddenly “extreme.” Are they extreme far left liberals? Probably not. But they’re liberals! That makes them extreme! Meanwhile, Tea Party fanatics took dozens of seats and the ONLY time you hear about how the GOP has become more conservative is when contrasting with the how “liberal” the other side is. Funny how that works, ain’t it?

Here’s what the New York Times had to say about it:

The ouster of the Democratic incumbents — and the tough primaries being waged against some House Republicans — suggest that redistricting ultimately is going to send more liberal Democrats and more conservative Republicans to the House. This is a false equivalency unless the liberals are as extreme as the no-tax, no-abortion, no minorities, no women, praise Jayzus conservatives that are the only people that pass conservative muster these days. Here’s a hint: they’re not.

The parties have become more polarized in recent decades, several academic studies have found. The demise of the conservative “Dixiecrats” in the 1960s and ’70s made the Democratic Party more liberal, and Republicans have moved even further to the right than Democrats have moved to the left, the studies show. Elections like Tuesday’s suggest Democrats may be taking the Republicans’ cue, driven by the same activist forces that pushed them rightward. Notice that the key aspect of the Dixiecrats “demise”, namely their racism, is omitted. So is the fact that they retired or left the Democratic Party for the GOP after the Civil Rights Act was signed into law. At least they were nice enough to point out that the GOP has become more extreme in comparison. Too bad they don’t say how much more extreme. Oh, yeah, and this is buried in the eighth paragraph.

“In civics class in high school, you learn there are 435 members of Congress, and every one of them could lose in the next election. Now we’re down to less than 100 who can ever get beat in a general election,” lamented Representative Mike Ross of Arkansas, a Blue Dog co-chairman who is retiring from Congress this year. “So the Democrats run to their corner. The Republicans run to their corner, and as a result the country is being run by the extremes.” Liar. As someone who actually deals with the Democrats on a regular basis, Rep. Lee knows full well that the Democratic Party is hardly extreme. This is the sound of someone bucking for a job on Fox as the token ex-Democrat that can give the “inside scoop” on those dastardly liberals that want to turn America into Soviet Russia.

A classic shit sandwich; Bury the only part of the article that really says anything about how crazed the GOP has gotten by squeezing it in between two paragraphs that make it absolutely clear that the Democratic Party is now just as radical as the GOP.

If the author had the slightest shred of integrity, he would have detailed just how “liberal” the winners are or aren’t instead of linking them both to unions and as a way to express how “radical” they are. And yes, that was exactly what the phrases “with an army of organized labor supporters behind him” and “boots-on-the-ground muscle of Pennsylvania unions” were for: to evoke the conservative meme image of unions as organized thugs, strong-arming politicians and stealing elections.

When the Democratic Party is run by PETA, maybe maybe it will be as radical as the current GOP.

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