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That’s What She Said!


“I promise you, the president has a big stick. I promise you.” Vice President Joe Biden

Do you think the reason the GOP hates Obama so much has to do with certain feelings of… inadequacy?

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6 thoughts on “That’s What She Said!

  1. I Heard him say that in a news clip this morning, I almost died laughing!

  2. MindyMom on said:

    Good question———great response!

  3. Possibly the same sorts I see with Bush/Cheney stickers on huge honkin’ (i.e. over-compensation, much?) trucks around here….

  4. I nearly fell off my chair when Biden said it, not once, but TWICE and with assurance! With the chuckles in the background, how he kept a straight face is beyond me….I only wished he had added it was a “Big Fucking Deal”!

  5. They’ve already shown that they’re intimidated.

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