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Scumbag Of The Day: DJ Dominic ‘Rape Is Funny’ Dieter

Awarded to DJ Dominic Dieter for telling a listener who was complaining about walking in on his teenage daughter  kissing a girl that he “should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.” First, presumably all of this father’s friends are roughly his age so Dieter is advocating statutory rape. Ew. Second, the concept of “turning a lesbo straight by banging her” is the basis for a disturbing hate crime known as “corrective rape.” But it’s funny! Get it? Screw her straight because it takes a real MAN to set a dyke on the right path! HUR HUR HUR! I’m sure all the gay women that have been raped “for their own good” found this absolutely hilarious.

I can’t wait for the right to leap to Dieter’s defense and you know, for a fact, that they’re going to if this story gains any traction. I look forward to hearing how rape is just a joke and we shouldn’t get so upset about it.

In the meantime, Congratulations, soon-to-be-ex DJ Dominic Dieter, you’re a scumbag!!

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7 thoughts on “Scumbag Of The Day: DJ Dominic ‘Rape Is Funny’ Dieter

  1. MindyMom on said:

    Disgusting beyond words fit to type. Both Father and radio host should be arrested for incitememt to rape as being agood thing. Some time in a jail hole would quickly teach them RAPE is not funny. Don’t think it will scare them into decent people!

    Remember this is on Clear Channel, primarily a BAIN CAPITAL company—-Romney is father to BAIN, as he likes to brag about

  2. I have already written to the FCC to complain about this sub-human idiot. None of it was funny, there is no excuse for ever saying this even in a comedy setting. If you feel disgusted by this, and you should, please complain to the FCC and the marketing departments of Bain and any sponsors of this so-called DJ. He needs to lose his job and they need to lose their sponsors.

  3. dragontech64 on said:

    Another load of diaper-dump from the same network that brought us Rush Limbaugh. If you listen to this channel, understand that intelligent people will see you as a knuckle dragging ape. Please, show respect for your brain, and shut off Clear Channel so you don’t lose any more brain cells.

  4. WHOA, wait a minute folks. First, there is little doubt that this guy is a complete and utter douche’ and probably deserves his “scumbag of the day” award, but you SERIOUSLY, for one minute think he was actually advocating rape? Rape as a CURE for lesbianism? As a proud liberal, I’m as offended by the rhetoric here as I am by Dieter’s diatribe. When a conservative religious zealot complains about Rachel Maddow and demands she be taken off the air because she’s a Lesbian, or boycotts JC Penney because Ellen Degeneres is a spokeperson, liberals pounce screaming about tolerance and injustice. Here’s a thought, our rhetoric is no better than theirs. It serves no constructive purpose and serves only to incite, rather than opening up lines of communication for intelligent debate. There are quite a few “Liberal” Facebook pages, and they are all, including this one, for the most part, a breath of fresh air, but it appears to me that they are also pandering to the more extreme elements, just as Limbaugh does to his minions. I paraphrase my Grandmother when I say, “If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, shut the fuck up”. I’ll continue to be a fan of, and enjoy “Proud to be a Filthy Liberal Scum” but I suggest toning down the rhetoric a notch. Even arch conservative talk show hosts don’t seriously advocate rape as a cure for anything.

    • I think you’re missing the point. Corrective rape is a very real hate crime that is practiced with disturbing regularity in the more “Christian” parts of Africa. Not so much here because we actually punish rapists when we catch them (sometimes) but it’s far from unheard of. Joking about “screwing a lesbian straight,” which, by definition, is rape because if she was interested in sex with men she wouldn’t be a lesbian, adds to an environment where it is OK to do this because it’s “for her own good.”

  5. Kay Taylor on said:

    AND THIRDLY: Something no one brings up, is that this DJ is telling the father to conspire INCEST on his daughter.. INCEST, a secret throughout history, a joke in the 70’s and 80’s, a scarry thing no matter which side you look at it… Is finally looked at seriously and with a much greater understanding and this DJ is telling Dad to create an incestuous catastrophy?……………… What comes to mind for me is.. is anyone checking the DJ’s children? If it doesn’t bother him to say what he said on a public platform of radio, where he’s probably holding back personal info, I believe he’s an active sexual devient. (he just proved he’s a “covert” active sexual devient)

  6. bintalshamsa on said:

    Ken, that is exactly what he was doing. Even Justin is kidding himself if he believes that it doesn’t happen much in the USA. The truth is that rapists are rarely prosecuted at all. Ken, as a man, I know you may not want to believe what your brethren are doing, but as a queer woman who has been sexually assaulted, I know that it occurs. Besides my own experiences, I know of other women in the USA who have been subjected to “corrective rape”.

    So feel free to be offended, as if that matters. What matters is the role that men LIKE YOU and Dieter play in making it easier for rapists to get away with what they do. You are an enabler. You contribute to rape culture by making light of what is being advocated here. Rhetoric? That’s what bothers you about this? Not the fact that a grown ass man thought it was funny to talk about raping a girl?

    The fact that you think claiming it’s just a joke makes it any less reprehensible should be made known to every woman in your life right now. You can call yourself a liberal. You can call yourself a lefty, a progressive, a democrat, or anything else that makes you feel better about yourself. However, at the end of the day, you are a rape culture apologist.

    Your false equivalency is just pathetic. Has Rachel Maddow or Ellen DeGeneres ever joked that people like you should be raped? Have they ever said that the men in your family should get their friends to help fix your sexual orientation? If so, then produce a quote, even one would be enough. Of course, we all know that you can’t. That’s because, unlike you, Maddow and DeGeneres are REAL liberals.

    Right-wingers don’t hate Maddow and DeGeneres for what they do. They hate them because of who they are. This guy Dieter needs to be off of the air, because of what he’s DONE. His personal identity doesn’t matter one bit. Is that too difficult for you to comprehend?

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