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Disney Needs More Black Employees

Or at least one. I can only assume there is not a single black employee in the entire marketing department or this would never have made it to market:

Really, Disney? At no point in the entire creative process did a single person say, “Ummmmm…don’t you think people might find that offensive?”

I’m a little late on this one. This happened back in March and I can’t believe I didn’t hear a thing about it. Humph! I think this proves that all major corporations should have at least one black executive on staff to tell them when they’re doing something intensely stupid:

Clueless white executive: “Hey, we’re introducing a new fried chicken meal with grape soda and we’re going to create a new mascot! We’re calling him Chicken Lovin’ Leroy!”

Mandatory black executive: “I think you’re a f*cking idiot.”

See? Problem avoided!

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5 thoughts on “Disney Needs More Black Employees

  1. Jordan on said:

    I don’t get what’s offensive? The fact that the White Girl has a vanilla flavour?

  2. Maggie on said:

    LOL, is this blog post intentionally offensive? Like only Black people are capable of seeing the racist reference there?

  3. Rebecca Stahle on said:

    Wow…this may have been done out of innocence however unless the flavors are visa versed and other characters added with more flavors this was an insensitive thing to do, and shows how bad multi race employees/executives are needed.

  4. LOL Justin….

  5. So glad I wasn’t drinking when I read this.

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