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Republicans Hate Hate HATE Democracy

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Gov. Rick Snyder and his Republican majority state Senate have passed hundreds of laws and put them into immediate effect but claiming that a 63-47 split between House Republicans and Democrats actually means that the GOP has the 2/3 majority necessary to skip the state constutionally mandated waiting period of  90 days after the last legislative session. For the record, 63 is not 2/3 of 110 and Democrats have not been voting with the Republicans; the GOP has simply not counted the 47 Democrats as voting members of the House.

Also, after a petition to place a repeal vote on November’s ballot of the Emergency Financial Manager law that Snyder has used to take away all power from elected officials in towns and cities throughout Michigan, Republicans are using a technicality to keep it off the ballot. Why? It’s the wrong font size, they claim.

Both cases will head to the Michigan Supreme Court, currently a Republican majority of 4-3, and my guess is that they’ll stick to the letter of the law in the latter case but give plenty of leeway in the former.

Republicans hate democracy.

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One thought on “Republicans Hate Hate HATE Democracy

  1. How can this hostile take over happen in America! I have been following the plight of Benton Harbor. I agree that the area needed help, but not this way…not by taking over and forcing out the long term residents to put in a luxury resort for the wealthy. There is NO excuse for this…and I think the Fed Gov should intervene.

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