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OBAMA’S Politicizing bin Laden?!

On the anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s™ death at the hands of American Soldiers™, let us take a moment and give President Obama the stink eye for politicizing the War on Terror™. How dare he?! How could he take the National Tragedy of 9/11™ and defile it? How could he desecrate Ground Zero™? It was bad enough he ended the Iraq War™ and he’s winding down the War in Afghanistan™ but now he’s taking credit for the Death of bin Laden™?

For God’s™ sake! He’s a Democrat! Doesn’t he know that utilizing every facet of 9/11™ for political gain is the sole province of the Republican Party?


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4 thoughts on “OBAMA’S Politicizing bin Laden?!

  1. I can’t help but wonder if they would’ve still criticized him if he had pulled a W and, move for move, been flown down wearing a fighter pilot uniform with a 50-foot MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner?

    Ah, who am I kidding? They wouldn’t see the connection if it was drawn out for them in bright neon.

  2. Wendi on said:

    He should take credit for Bin Laden. The Commander in Chief gives the orders. No orders, no action. He gave an order and our elite military carried it out. That’s the name of the game. Every officer gets credit for the successful missions they lead and the successful orders they give. Get over it!

  3. JimS on said:

    At least he actually killed the guy, unlike the terribly embarrassing Dubya display declaring “Mission accomplished ” when we had accomplished nothing. No WMDs, couldn’t find Bin Laden, IEDs are killing more and more guys every day, thousands of civilian casualties every day, and we’re there for another 9 years. And he beat that dead horse for years in the press!!

    No, Obama actually accomplished something. Something meaningful to us and the world. He definitely gets to politicize it just as he sees fit, because it’s something we can be proud of.

  4. Raymond Seward on said:

    At the same time Obama was in Afganistan, Romney was at Ground Zero with the Mayor of New York delivering pizza to a fire house. I guess that’s just saying thank you and not politicizing is it?

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