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Sleepy Time Thought: The Difference Between Character Assassination and Clarification 5/2/2012

In response to posting George Zimmerman’s MySpace profile in which he uses annoyingly “thug 4 life” language like “I can hit my boy up to handle a lil somethin with my sister and he’s at my house with his boys on bikes before i hang up with her! They do a year and dont ever open thier mouth to get my ass pinched” and calls the ex-girlfriend that accused him of domestic abuse his “ex-hoe,” I’ve been accused of character assassination just like the extensive smear campaign against Trayvon Martin.

Ummm…no. Here’s the difference: The attacks against Martin are for the sole purpose of making it seem like he deserved to get shot. Period. How do we know this? Because according to Zimmerman himself, the only thing Martin was doing was walking. Past that, absolutely nothing in Martin’s history makes the slightest difference because Zimmerman could not have possibly known it. Martin could have been a straight A honors student. He could have been a gangsta troublemaker. Doesn’t matter. He wasn’t doing anything at that moment. Everything else is irrelevant.

On the other hand, Zimmerman’s past is extremely relevant. His history of violence. The way he presented himself online as a poorly spoken tough guy. His past brushes with the law. His racist attitudes towards minorities. All of these things speak directly to his state of mind when he chased down a kid and shot him in “self defense.”

The first is character assassination. The second is character clarification.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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3 thoughts on “Sleepy Time Thought: The Difference Between Character Assassination and Clarification 5/2/2012

  1. Jasper on said:

    Oh … So well put! We all kind of knew that’s what Zimmerman was like, but now we’ve caught him cold-handed. I pray for justice for Trayvon and his parents. This vigilante murdered an innocent child, even after the police dispatcher told him to back off. Please … Let there be justice.

  2. Thank you for that ‘clarification’ – it was necessary for many…

  3. And WTF is a grown man doing on MY SPACE in the first place!

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