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Rabidly Anti-Immigrant Neo-Nazi Murderer Was A Democrat!!! (But Not Really)

If I don’t hear this for years to come I’ll be shocked. JT Ready, a well known White Supremacist and border vigilante finally snapped, killed four people including a toddler, turned the gun on himself and used the tragedy to blame “Mexican drug cartels.” Although how he got the post up after his death is unclear. Maybe an opportunistic friend? Regardless, Ready recently filed papers to run for Sheriff as a…Democrat!! 

My goodness! It’s all true! Nazis really are a kind of liberal! How could I not have seen this?!

Of course, conservatives who bring this up will leave out the most important part:

He liked the party, he said, not for its current platform but because of its history with racism. It was the party, he noted, that brought about Jim Crow laws and harbored Alabama’s segregationist former Gov. George Wallace.

Which means he was a modern day Democrat the same way Abraham Lincoln is a modern day Republican. I will bet you Donald Trump’s hairpiece you’ll never hear that come out of a conservative’s mouth. Of course, they’ll also forget to mention that Ready was previously a Republican and had been since college. He parted ways with the GOP because they weren’t bloodthirsty enough! Yeah, he wanted to place landmines along the border and buy a tank to fight off the “narco-terrorists.” The Arizona Republicans cut him loose because he was too extreme, even for them.

Sorry, Charlie Conservative, Ready was one of your own; filled with hate and violence. Just chalk it up to another ISOLATED INCIDENT of right wing violence like you always do. Just don’t try to pawn him off on us liberals. We know better.

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