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Sleepy Time Thought: I See White People… 5/6/2012

I just spent the weekend in Pennsylvania for my niece’s graduation from Penn State University. I was unprepared for the whiteness. It’s been years since I’ve been surrounded by such a homogeneous mix and I was disconcerted by it. My niece and her boyfriend that graduated the year before tells me that this is one of the most diverse graduating classes they’ve ever had. This tells me a great deal more about the state of higher education than any report or statistic you could quote me. Still, it was so…white!

I think my problem is that I consider it somewhat unnatural to have minorities be, well, minor in terms of representation. Obviously that comes from living in NYC, the capital of diversity, but it gave me a view into the mind of people from the Mid-West or the South where minorities have not really penetrated in any great number. If you are born, live and die in a mostly homogeneous demographic, listening to people like me tell you that the rights of “the other” matter just as much as yours can be very threatening. After all, they’re strange and alien to your way of life.

This doesn’t mean I accept their parochialism. A butterfly that cannot escape its cocoon is destined to whither and die and that’s sad. A butterfly that refuses to spread its wings is just pathetic and worthy of my scorn. 

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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3 thoughts on “Sleepy Time Thought: I See White People… 5/6/2012

  1. I wondered where you were, lol. I grew up in and have lived in the outskirts of Atlanta all my life…diversity is not lacking in any fraction (except for Democrats). You just experienced culture shock!

  2. WildSweetnCool on said:

    perhaps, but aren’t there more ways to diversify besides just skin color?

  3. born on the east coast, I have lived in 2 midwest states, Oklahoma and South Dakota. The only minority the white people are familiar with are Native Americans, and they despise them, which is really ironic since the land was set aside for the indigenous people, whole tribes were dislocated to settle them in OK, and then the white people stole the land out from under them. I guess the only way to deal with the guilt is to rationalize it to yourself by demonizing the people you victimized.

    Another sad thing that I learned there was that they are so ignorant in the truest sense of the word. For instance, at Mount Rushmore (SD) one day, an Asian family was viewing the monument and a white SD woman said to me “How dare they come to the shrine of democracy!”. I answered “Perhaps they don’t have democracy where they came from, and so this is an inspiration to them.” She didn’t answer.

    But later I remembered that an Asian ranger I knew, who worked at another historical park, had also been frequently challenged as to why a “foreigner” like him was allowed to work there. The truth was his family has been in the US (San Francisco) for about 150 years, longer than many white people (for instance my husband’s family whose grandfather and grandmother were Scottish immigrants.) So not only was her assumption offensive, but potentially really unjustified.

    I also have a relative by marriage who is very Hispanic looking and is in fact of Mexican heritage but whose family lived in California for about 300 years. He has also been challenged to “go back to his own country”. Luckily my uncle has a fantastic sense of humor and laughs so hard at people who say this and turns the whole thing into a joke so that they never go away resenting him, but somehow find themselves laughing along. Perhaps that is the only way to get through to people like that.

    But I think that the saddest part of all is – these are the places where science and evolution are not taught. If they had even a rudimentary understanding of biology, they would realize that humans are all one species (easily proved by the fact that all humans can interbreed and produce fertile children, a basic definition of a species). If they learned even a tiny bit about how evolution works they might understand that external differences like skin are just mechanisms to survive in the climate our ancestors originally came from – little melanin if you live in a place where you need sunlight generated vitamin D, and lots in places you need sun protection. And that once you get past the skin, the insides are indistinguishable.

    Wildsweetncool, yes, I have found them just as intolerant of white people with different value systems, as they are of people who look different. Just simple acts like wearing sandals instead of cowboy boots in summer is enough to get you labeled as “strange”. I’ve been to 48 states, lived in several and Oklahoma is on a very short list of places I would never go back to.

    I think the politicians/corporations want as many people as possible ignorant and distrustful, because it is easier to divide and conquer if you can get poor folks hating each other, instead of the politicians/corporations.

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