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Don’t blow it, France!

Now that Nicolas Sarkozy has been shown the door and his agenda of proven-to-fail austerity with him, France has a chance to show, once and for all, that stimulus can, and does, work. Even if France only follows the tepid pace we’ve set in the United States, it will still stand in stark contrast to the countries that have enacted brutal austerity measures, all of which have continued to worsen (the UK to the point where it is now officially back in recession) after doing so.

Of course, if France succeeds, it will probably be completely ignored here in the US by the right and by the “liberal” media. Germany and the Scandinavian countries are ticking along quite nicely but you wouldn’t know it from watching the news. They didn’t gut their economies to please the conservative “punish the poor for the excesses of the rich” right. Therefor, they do not fit the preferred narrative that Occupy derailed late last year and the right has been unsuccessfully trying to re-establish: gut every government service except for the military and more tax cuts for the rich. On the other hand, if France fails for any reason, even one outside of its control like the EU zone collapsing, it will be exhibit number one on how stimulus spending is immoral, evil, SOCIALIST!!!

The world is watching you, France. Don’t blow it.

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One thought on “Don’t blow it, France!

  1. Colleen Hutchison on said:

    My son has 3 coaches from France, and I know that they all had been a bit perturbed because they were seeing cuts in their country especially in health care, but today they all seem to be pretty happy about this and feel that they may be getting their country back to when all of the people mattered and out of the hands of the conservatives.

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