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Karl Rove Thinks You, Yes, YOU!, Are A Moron

Why? Because he wants you, but more importantly, the IRS to believe that his little Crossroads GPS group is actually not political in nature but actually advocating only social policies. I totally believe him. Don’t you? Of course, I’ve just suffered major head trauma so I’m super gullible right now. I even think Sarah Palin would make an excellent VP candidate! Slam your head into a wall a few times (don’t actually do that) and you’ll believe Karl Rove too! For the record, the people at HuffPo don’t seem to believe him, either.

The whole point of Crossroads GPS is to keep the donors secret. That’s why Rove also has American Crossroads, the super PAC, that allows donors to give until we hurt but we’re “allowed” to know who is buying our elections and Crossroads GPS for those more camera shy groups that do not want the attention. Why are they camera shy? Because corporations like Target found out the hard way that if they openly support the right, they pay for it lost sales. Isn’t it funny how that never seems to work in reverse? JCPenny’s flew right in the face of conservative orthodoxy by hiring Ellen DeGeneres, a *GASP* homosexual spokeswoman. The “boycott” redefined the phrase “Epic Fail.”

Fortunately, Citizens United allows them to donate unlimited amounts and keep it hidden. That is unless the IRS doesn’t flinch and calls it like it is: Crossroads GPS exists specifically to hide political expenditures. I expect the resulting lawsuit to be highly publicized.

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