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Looks Like The GOP Can Blow It Out Their…

Because sustainable clean energy is only a dirty idea if you are a whore for the fossil fuel industry or so rabidly anti-Obama that if he told you not to shoot yourself in the face with your gun you’d paint a target on your forehead and pull the trigger. Hmmmm…that might be very effective conservative voter suppression AND constitutionally legal! Anyway! This:

The first quarter (Q1) of 2012 was the most productive yet for the US wind industry, installing 52% more megawatts than Q1 2011.

Developers are racing to get projects in the ground before the Production Tax Credit expires at the end of this year.

1695 megawatts (MW) of new wind capacity was installed in Q1 – 788 turbines in 17 states. The turbines were mostly manufactured in the US, says the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) in its first quarter market report. […]

The last five years have been marked by unprecedented policy stability, and in response wind power has delivered,” says Denise Bode, AWEA CEO.

Combine that with the massive amount of money the Pentagon is pouring into alternative fuel sources and it’s just a matter of time until the fossil fuel industry is reduced to a bit player in the energy market. Boo. Fricking. Hoo.

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One thought on “Looks Like The GOP Can Blow It Out Their…

  1. Yes, the years of the Oil Baron are numbered…but we need to move faster!

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