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It’s Nice To Know Anti-Gay Stupidity Is The Same The World Over

A bit of news coming out of Australia as it wrestles with the question of legalizing same sex marriage, the Australian Christian Lobby (guess what side of the debate they’re on), has laid out a set of talking point that might as well have been written by the Family Research Council here in the United States.

via The Australian:

Dr David van Gend said same-sex marriages normalised a motherless child, which he said was a “grave offence against those children”.

“It means that a homosexual couple’s child will miss out on either a mother or a father,” he told the hearing.

“If marriage is all about love and commitment, then why can’t three adults be able to be committed to each other.

“This is what happens when we cut marriage adrift from the rock of nature.”

The groups said they were not against homosexual relationships, but believed marriage should remain between a man and woman because it was “natural.”

The only legitimate question in there is the one about polyamory. Why can’t three adults be able to be committed to each other? Personally, if three consenting adults form an intimate relationship among themselves and are mature enough to make it work, I don’t see the problem. I think it’s probably fantastically difficult to do but that’s between them and no one else. The rest of the objections, such as it being unnatural, are pure gibberish from fanatics trying to dress up their religious dogma in respectable clothing. If this is the best they can do, I don’t see the opposition lasting long.


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