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John Shore Explains The Religious Right: ‘When evil is serious, it reaches for a Bible and cross’

John Shore is in a bad mood because it looks like North Carolina’s Constitutional Amendment One that declares marriage to be bla bla bla we hate fags is going to pass. Can you blame him? Or disagree with the following?

What better disguise for evil than Jesus Christ? It’s not like evil is ever going to show up as itself; it knows doing so will guarantee no one asks it to dance. Before beginning its rounds, evil always takes care to wrap itself in the warm, soft cloak of humble piety, sincere compassion, utmost concern.

And when it has serious work to do—when it’s on a mission, and will not be satisfied until blood is on the ground—evil knows that, on its way out the door, it cannot go wrong grabbing a Bible and a cross.


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4 thoughts on “John Shore Explains The Religious Right: ‘When evil is serious, it reaches for a Bible and cross’

  1. Amen, John. If, as we voted AGAINST, the measure fails, life in NC on the 9th will be as the 7th. If it passes, then the judicial review the supporters said they were trying to prevent will most assuredly occur. Business and job creators will look elsewhere for a more tolerant place to move. And American Talibanists will have succeeded in getting my state government to kowtow to their religious beliefs, denying me the Constitutional right to mine. The religious supporter have a message that has failed along with their ministries to gain support, so they’ve co-opted the state government to discriminate.
    God will damn those who use hate to hurt others, hiding behind flawed Biblical cherry picked portions.
    I condemn them heartily for not loving others as their Master commanded them to do.

  2. . . . “The Christian Left” uses the excellent phrase “Occupy Christianity” to emphasize that good people of all faiths need to take back into their politics the highest values associated with being an ethical human — like love, compassion, kindness, community even the dreaded patriotism and “family values” — that have been captured and held hostage since the Nixon era by the hate-mongering and gun-worshipping racists, sexists, and homophobes at the core of the “Christian Right.”

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