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Pity The Rich, They’re The TRUE Victims…

Alex Pareene over at Salon has posted an awesome article detailing just how far out of touch the uber-wealthy have become. He lists a few of their delusions:

That President Obama and the Democratic Party have treated wealthy finance industry titans maliciously and unfairly.
That the fact that they are perversely wealthy and growing richer during a period of mass unemployment and staggering debt is a sign that the economy is functioning correctly.
That poor people, and not the finance industry, are responsible for the financial crisis and subsequent recession.
That the ultra-wealthy are wealthy because they are smarter and work harder than everybody else, and that they are resented for their success.
That the ultra-wealthy in general, and finance industry executives in particular, are the victims of widespread prejudice akin to that faced by ethnic minorities.

And then proceeds to dismiss the rich from their self selected position of pure awesomeness:

The rich are not intrinsically more virtuous or hardworking than the masses. They are also, decidedly, not any smarter. And they receive their news, and their political opinions, from the exact same organs as everyone else. They may be more likely to read the Wall Street Journal than the New York Post, but both of those Murdoch-owned newspapers carry similar lies on their editorial pages. In other words, they actually believe their bullshit. They honestly believe that mean Democrats invented “Occupy Wall Street” in order to make them scapegoats for a crisis that they feel no responsibility for. People who are in the business of extracting fees and interest from consumers, or moving rich people’s money around, unironically think of themselves as “job creators.”

It is a historical fact that, in times of immense wealth inequality, those at the top become detached from both the people that work for them and reality in general. They become surrounded by people just like them and those that tell them whatever they want to hear. This bubble has lead, time after time, to disaster as the rich become little more than bloated leeches and the direct source of immense misery for the masses. The Romanovs found out the hard way, as did the aristocracy of France, that the party doesn’t last forever. Hopefully, our coming revolution will not follow the pattern of the past but if they 1% continues to strip away our rights and visit violence on peaceful protesters, there will be a tipping point and then all bets are off.

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6 thoughts on “Pity The Rich, They’re The TRUE Victims…

  1. mercedes on said:

    When I find my magnifying glass I will try to find the smallest violin, so I can play the saddest song just for them.

  2. Those poor rich people, how can we allow this abuse to continue? My bleeding liberal heart is telling me I should apply for a job at WalMart and tell them I will be happy working 60 hours a week at $5/hour with no benefits just so they do not have any additional burden.

  3. Colleen Hutchison on said:

    Aw, gee. And me without my violin.

  4. Had to share this, my fortune cookie tonight reads:

    He who knows he has enough is rich.

  5. Viva the Revolution! Let loose the wrath of the 99% be.

  6. All of the above!

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