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Don’t Beat Up The DNC Too Badly If They Don’t Leave North Carolina – PSA

There’s a petition circulating for the Democratic National Convention to move to a different state in protest of North Carolina’s nauseating passage of a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage. It’s highly unlikely that they will but not because they’re deliberately choosing to stay. They simply won’t have a choice.

Conventions of this size are booked over a year in advance along with all the attendant contracts that go along with it: food vendors, equipment, security etc. Just packing up and choosing a different location is nigh impossible. When I worked at Gamestop, we had a yearly convention as well with with several thousand managers, home office personnel, vendors and so on. I’ve spoken with several of the people responsible for making the arrangements and it’s a logistical nightmare that literally takes the better part of a year to put together. Last minute alterations are not really an option.

I’ve made this same argument on behalf of the NRA in the past. I’m no fan of theirs and the sooner they lose their death grip on the gun control conversation, the safer we’ll all be but fair is fair. They were heavily criticized in the wake of the Columbine shooting for having their yearly convention within a 30 minute or so drive of the massacre shortly after it occurred. Bowling for Columbine depicts this as a deliberate choice. This is patently untrue since the convention location had been selected long before the shootings and they were required, by NY state law, to have a yearly meeting or be forced to disband. They cancelled every other part of the convention except for the part they were legally required to have. I personally spoke to an NRA representative to confirm all of this as research for a college paper. Hate them all you want but blame them for the things they are actually responsible for.

Which brings us back to the DNC. We may not like it. I can guarantee they don’t like it, either. But they’re stuck with the location and so are we. Let’s hold the criticism for something worthwhile.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Beat Up The DNC Too Badly If They Don’t Leave North Carolina – PSA

  1. I know but at least we get the point across.

  2. Mykelb on said:

    By spending all that money in a BIGOT STATE, the DNC is endorsing bigotry at its worst.

  3. I think that maybe NC is exactly the right place for the convention…give the people in that state reason to come to the party of light…maybe this will encourage NC to go blue!

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