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Alan Colmes Kicks Conservative Ass

Wait, Whaaaaaat?! Yeah, you read that right. Alan Colmes, Sean Hannity’s milquetoast ex-sidekick/punching bag, went all militant on Joel Arends, the sole member of the group “Veterans for a Strong America.” VSA, of course, is this election cycle’s swiftboat group that plans on lying through their teeth rallying the military against Obama. Colmes, not known for kicking ass and taking names, did terrible, terrible things to Arends:

Arends responded sounding slightly defensive, “Our ad was in response to President Obama’s ad. And –”
Colmes, “Did it bother you that George W Bush got into a flight suit and landed on an aircraft carrier and said ‘Mission accomplished’ years before the end of the Iraq war?”
Arends, “Well the President never said ‘Mission accomplished’ that was –
Colmes, “No that was on a sign that the White House constructed. A sign constructed in the basement of the White House. Why is there a double standard like this?”
Arends, “Well, I can’t answer that Alan.”


Colmes, “So, you’re an organization of one, really.”

Arends, “We actually have a dozen volunteers that show up every day and have for the last six months… What you’re gong to be seeing in the coming months is a number of very credible former Navy SEALS coming out to discuss these issues.”

Colmes, “So, you’re trying to take an issue most of the country supports- the killing of bin Laden, and you’re trying to find Navy SEALS who will come out – just like they did with John Kerry – and bad mouth the Commander in Chief.”


This is great stuff. Arends, who was probably expecting a softball interview even if Colmes is a liberal, must have wanted to crawl into a hole and hide. Let’s hope that the rest of the “liberal” media take a queue from Colmes and treats this rat bastard like the parasite he is.

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6 thoughts on “Alan Colmes Kicks Conservative Ass

  1. Weepee of the House on said:

    Mr. Obama did his victory lap by 1) celebrating a real victory, and 2) without using a gigantic codpiece enhancement:

  2. melvin (dwayne) on said:

    Hell yeah ! Its pretty a pretty good feeling when someone lines these double standard hypocrits of the gop out. They have short memories when it comes to the negative actions from there own party. Sure is nice to see facts and truth trump there fabrications !

  3. For far too long these types of statements have gone unchallenged. I applaud Mr. Combs in this instance….more Democrats should show such strength.

  4. Brent Jatko on said:

    In all honesty, the “Mission Accomplished” banner was hung on the aircraft carrier to commemorate the completion of a training mission, to wit:

    “Navy Commander and Pentagon spokesman Conrad Chun said the banner referred specifically to the aircraft carrier’s 10-month deployment (which was the longest deployment of a carrier since the Vietnam War) and not the war itself, saying “It truly did signify a mission accomplished for the crew.”

    • Further amplification:
      “Afterward, the administration and naval sources stated that the banner was the Navy’s idea, White House staff members made the banner, and it was hung by the U.S. Navy personnel.”

      • Yet, according to Doanld Rumslfeld’s own words, he took Bush’s speech and removed all of the “mission accomplished” language from it. Bush WANTED to give that message and they left the banner hanging when they could have easily removed it.

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