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Racist Douchebag Of The Day: Eric Bolling Of Fox ‘News’

With a health dose of racism thrown in!

Awarded to Eric Bolling for engaging in the basest of racial slurs against President Obama:

BOLLING: What would you call a guy who not only used cocaine, but dealt cocaine in high school and/or college? What would you call that kind of guy?

BOLLING: That’s more than fair, and I think he’s actually even admitted to buying or selling drugs, as well, which makes it a little bit different.

The problem is that President Obama has never admitted, alluded to, suggested or hinted that he sold drugs and neither has anyone else from his past. But of course, everyone knows that ni**ers all sell drugs, don’t we? Wink, wink!

“Oh you’re just playing the race card, you filthy liberal scum! Just like liberals always do!”

Really? Bill Clinton almost certainly smoked at least pot. Anyone ever suggest he was a dealer as well? George W. Bush absolutely used both cocaine and pot to the point where it was strongly suggested he had a problem. Anyone call him a drug czar? No? Funny how the black president gets completely baseless accusations of being a drug dealer get thrown his way.

Congratulations, Eric Bolling! You’re a racist douchebag!!

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2 thoughts on “Racist Douchebag Of The Day: Eric Bolling Of Fox ‘News’

  1. dragontech64 on said:

    In all fairness to Eric Bolling, being a douchebag is a job requirement at Faux Snooze

  2. albert hattem on said:

    what’s the point,these people just hate,and that’s what they get back,they will never know real living,fell sorry for them

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