Proud to be a Filthy Liberal Scum

Loud, Proud and I don't care about hurting a conservative's feelings!

The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast 5-11-2012

This was actually finished on Monday but I’ve been struggling all week with domain transfers bla bla bla and iTunes yada yada yada long story short: it’s late and I am a naughty filthy liberal scum!

Podcast 5-11-12 Open the link to listen on your PC or open then right click to download! Woohoo!

This week we discuss the sad and lonely death of the Gingrich campaign and why it matters, the long overdue and necessary death of Austerity in Europe, the death of Neo-Nazi and Republican cross to bear JT Ready, this seems like a very violent podcase doesn’t it? We also discuss The Avengers and why the right wing nor the military like it and lastly, a little PSA about the Bush/Obama deficit “controversy” and just how stupid the right thinks its base is.

Listen, enjoy and share!



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