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What? The Free Market DOESN’T Exist For The 1%? I’m Shocked…

But not even remotely. Anyone who thinks the “free market” applies to the rich are delusional. The 1% takes care of their own. Think of it this way: when was the last time you saw a rich person like Donald Trump declare bankruptcy and STAY bankrupt? I think he’s declared it three times now and somehow, magically, manages to bounce back. Why? Because he’s given opportunities and free passes the rest of us don’t get. Trump has failed repeatedly but keeps getting those second chances. Again, why? Because the “free market” doesn’t apply to him, just us.

Here’s another example: Dick Parsons. A sub-standard specimen of mediocrity. But he made the right connections and suddenly he’s quite wealthy despite failing miserably at everything he touches.

Via the Daily Banter:

Anyone familiar with Dick Parsons’ past could have told you his term as Citigroup’s chairman would end like this: Shareholder lawsuits, executive pay scandals, and corporate failure on a colossal scale. It’s the Dick Parsons Management Style. In each of the three companies Parsons was appointed to lead, they all failed spectacularly, and somehow Parsons and a handful of top executives always walked away from the yellow-tape crime scenes unscathed.

Does this sound like the “free market” at work? Don’t be ridiculous. This is the sound of crony capitalism at its finest. Loot the company and stick the poor schmucks at the bottom with the bill. “Free market” my ass…

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One thought on “What? The Free Market DOESN’T Exist For The 1%? I’m Shocked…

  1. Gad, can you imagine the abysmal lives we would be living with just one spectacular failure or flaming bankruptcy the like of Parsons or Trump. I shudder just thinking of it.

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