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How Do Conservative Voters Keep Falling For This?

Ask ANY conservative and they will tell you that the bailouts sucked. Some may agree that they were necessary (reasonable). Some will insist that Obama was responsible (morons). All will say that it should never happen again.

So why is the GOP, you know, the party that’s supposed to represent conservative thought, why is the GOP so dead set on making sure it happens again?

The Dodd-Frank financial reform law is supposed to, among other things, stop bailouts. One way it does this is the Volcker Rule which says that banks cannot use depositor (yours and mine) money to make their wild casino bets. Not unreasonable, right? Our money is guaranteed by the FDIC (a government function) so if a bank “loses” it, the government will cover the loss to make sure we have our money. Why should we allow banks to gamble with it? If they win, they keep the profits, if they lose, we, the taxpayers, eat the loss aka Bailouts.

Socialize the risk, privatize the gains? Total garbage and not a single conservative would disagree. The Volcker Rule stops this.

Yet the GOP is dead set against it.

Mind you, conservatives swear blood and fire on Obama’s head for “attacking” job creators while simultaneously cursing the bailouts. But as long as the GOP dangles abortion and gay marriage in front of them, I guess conservatives don’t care that their “representatives” are doing the exact opposite of what they sent them to Washington to do.

How nice for them.

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6 thoughts on “How Do Conservative Voters Keep Falling For This?

  1. For conservatives, politics has become a religion and they accept on faith what Repubs tell them. No intelligence necessary.

  2. cryptologist on said:

    You didn’t even touch on why conservatives are against Dodd-Frank. I’m a conservative and I agree that we need some regulation in place to prevent this kind of massive bailout from reoccurring. The problem with Dodd-Frank is the complexity will lead to added expenses for small banks. Large banks will hire an entire firm to sort it out and exploit the law to the fullest extent possible. Small banks won’t have that ability.

    I’m a conservative because I like the little guy, I like decentralized power, I like small government and I like small business. Frankly I don’t give a crap about gay marriage and abortion is my moral decision. Not my government’s.

    If you want to live in a socialist state where your life is monitored and controlled by your government. Where small financial institutions are an endangered species and the little guy can’t even pay his taxes feel free to move. That’s not what this country was founded on.

    • You say I skipped over why conservatives are against Dodd-Frank? OK. Feel free to explain the heavy GOP resistance specifically to the Volcker Rule any time you want. I notice you didn’t feel the need to touch on that at all and that was the point of the entire post.

      • cryptologist on said:

        I don’t specifically oppose the Volcker rule. I do not oppose regulations on banks or other industries. I oppose regulation that harms the smaller institutions. You didn’t bother to address the harm Dodd-Frank will do. You didn’t bother to address the exceptions and loopholes in every section, including the Volcker rule. All you did was bash conservatives. That’s not in any way productive.

        Have you even read the legislation? Have you even read the Volcker rule? I have. It’s a great idea but poorly implemented. In the end the big banks will still be able to get away with murder. They’ll find loop holes and schemes that get around the law. The little bank will get shafted.

        Let’s put some real, intelligent regulation in place. Regulation that isn’t written by the lobbyists and doesn’t shaft the small business.

      • Actually, what I did was bash conservatives for allowing the GOP to oppose ending bailouts while complaining about how much they hate bailouts. What YOU did was swap out “GOP” for “Me” as a way of sidestepping the issue. The GOP opposes the Volcker Rule and offers nothing in its place. I don’t care what your personal feelings on the matter are. I only care that your party opposes all reform and offers “free markets” instead. That worked out so well last time. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. cryptologist on said:

    What I did was point out a lack of substance in your post. I’m not sidestepping the issue. The issue I’m presenting is you haven’t done your research and just feel like bashing the GOP a bit. Yes, they’re idiots. I know. FYI: your side isn’t much brighter.

    If you want to blog about an issue first you need to read the legislation. Then you can study the opinions and arguments. You can present this information in a coherent fashion to your readers and perhaps spark a productive discussion.

    Or you could continue bashing the idiots in Washington and not presenting any solutions whatsoever. Your choice.

    Oh by the way. I love how you didn’t address any of my thoughts on the issue we are supposedly discussing. Do you have a coherent rebuttal to the damage this will do to small banks? I would love to hear it.

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