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Sucker Of The Day: Speaker Of The House John Boehner

Sucker of the Day is awarded to John “Oh God, someone get me a drink!” Boehner.

I almost almost feel bad for John Boehner. Almost but not quite. The man keeps getting pimp slapped by the Obama administration and he just comes back for more. Last year, Boehner attempted to shut down the government over the raising of the debt ceiling. The ceiling is routinely raised by every administration and it’s usually a formality. Bush raised it several times and no one blinked. Then the GOP got the notion to make it an official BIG DEAL and held it hostage.

They “won” in what has to be the most crushing defeat in recent decades. The ceiling got raised, the GOP looked like huge jerks, Obama somehow got them to agree to huge, automatic cuts to the military (cuts that they are now trying to weasel out of and it’s making them look like dirty double dealing rat bastards) and now, the final piece of that humiliating “win” just fell into place.

Boehner has announced that he’s going to try to hold the debt ceiling hostage again in order to force the Democrats and Obama to renew the Bush tax cuts which will expire unless they take action. In other words, Obama and the Democrats just have to sit on their hands and the single biggest chunk of the deficit goes POOF. Add that to the end of the Iraq War with its monetary drain as well as the impending end of the Afghanistan War and the deficit is looking a butt load better (“butt load” is a highly technical term). So of course Boehner wants to keep the cuts in place. They disproportionally benefit the rich and screws the economy which disproportionally impacts everyone else in a negative way.

Unfortunately for Boehner, the debt ceiling amount agreed to last year is enough to keep the government going until next year and possibly the beginning of the next Congress meaning that Boehner has nothing to hold hostage. Somehow, I find it extremely unlikely it just happened to work out that way. Yeah, Obama and his team screwed the GOP in so many ways all at the same time it’s hard not to admire the amount of manipulation involved.

Congratulations, John Boehner! You’re a sucker!!!



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3 thoughts on “Sucker Of The Day: Speaker Of The House John Boehner

  1. Jennifer on said:

    Boehner got played by Berry. This will extend my smirk till at least this weeekend.

  2. Never dismiss the ability of Obama to compromise with these guys.

  3. Like you I almost feel sorry for Boehner, especially with Eric Cantor like a big ole spider waiting in the wings….ba hahahahahaha

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