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Sleepy Time Thought: Men Are The True Victims? 5/16/2012

I get it guys, sometimes a woman will cry “rape” or “abuse” to get back at you, but, honestly, do you really think that those instances come even remotely close to matching the actual times a woman is raped or beaten?

Apparently some men do actually think this way. The National Coalition of Men is outraged that liberals want to renew the Violence Against Women Act because:

We cannot adequately address violence related issues by excluding half of the population, allowing precious resources to be squandered for ideological purposes, empowering false accusers at the expense of the true victims, and letting malfeasance and maladministration to run unchecked without holding applicable administrators accountable.

Ah. I see.

Here’s the thing: I am a male of the species known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens. By that very fact I am taller, stronger and faster than the vast majority of females of the same species. This is true of almost all men. Barring sickness or disease, even the low end of the male body type spectrum can expect to overpower a significant percentage of the female population. This is nature. This is fact.

Therefor, complaining that men are victimized by women enough that we need protection is absurd in the extreme.

I get it. Women are becoming increasingly powerful in a social, economic and even sexual sense (fifty shades indeed) and you find this threatening. Well boo-fucking-hoo. That’s not being a victim. That’s not even being powerless. That’s simply not being afforded unearned superiority. Think about it. As a man, you will never have to worry about living alone in a bad part of town. As a man, you will never have to worry about a girlfriend becoming aggressive after being dumped. As a man, you will never have to worry about your girlfriend giving you a black eye and swearing to never do it again. Until the next time she gets drunk, that is. As a man, you will never have to wonder if that girl walking half a block behind you late at night is following you. As a man, you will never have the fear that the girl who raped you and got away will come back. As a man, you will never EVER worry that a woman will overpower you and have you at her mercy.

And we’re supposed to believe that you’re the victim? Pathetic. Real men don’t feel threatened by women, only little boys do.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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7 thoughts on “Sleepy Time Thought: Men Are The True Victims? 5/16/2012

  1. Shannon on said:

    LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you! I’m an educator & advocate for a sexual assault center & have worked with victims of violence for almost 14 years. I’m also a survivor of domestic violence & rape. Men continue to hold the power in our society and will do anything to stay in their power position. VAWA has only been in place since 1994, and we have fought for its reauthorization ever since. Women are still being beaten & raped by men, and so are men, girls & boys! And, all of them are served by VAWA. Too bad the radical right can’t actually read past the title of the law to see who it aims to protect.

  2. (((((HUGS))))) What we need is more men like YOU! Take em to school you filthy liberal scum!

  3. I do not deny that in domestic violence women usually are the victims, however to say that no man has ever been an innocent victim is to tarnish and undermine the purpose of any legitimate movement to stop domestic violence.
    While I am suspicious of the GOP (being Canadian I’m always suspicious of them) and their move to change the VAWA, that does not change the fact that men are also victims of violence.
    No one has the right to commit violence against an intimate partner.
    I have never raised my hand in anger to any of my partners, the same cannot be said of my first wife.
    I have had female friends admit to striking their spouses.
    Domestic violence is an issue that affects everyone.
    For anyone who cares to read, here is some resources to be considered by anyone with an open mind willing to explore the issue.

  4. As a victim of domestic violence at a time when there were no supports, in fact at a time when there were no domestic violence protection laws in place. At a time when men were not arrested for beating their wives, when it was considered a domestic problem and they were left in the home to finish the job; I find this partisan positioning sickening. My ex-husband was arrested one time and one time only, it was the time he beat me so badly they thought I would die, when I survived surgery they released him with no charges (this is Texas after all).

    When I ran he stalked me. When I divorced it was from another state and I was ‘at fault’ for desertion.

    What is wrong with these people? These men that have failed at every level of humanity and human compassion.

  5. Roxee on said:

    As a 54 year old women who has offered safe harbour in my home in the past to women escaping domestic violence and who has treated their wounds when they present at hospital I have always thought one thing. Women would never be able to stop this. The only thing that would stop this is when good men step up and tell these men who use violence to control people that what they are doing is not manly. They need to tell them over drinks at the bar when they hear them bragging. They need to tell them in the locker rooms after the game. They need to tell them whenever males are gathered together during male bonding activities. And they need to tell them publically, in forums like these. Thank you. You give me hope. 🙂

  6. Justin, another thing that these men don’t understand is that the process of prosecuting a rape is a horrible experience where the victim is blamed and shamed and dragged through hell (as though she hasn’t been there already). It is very unusual for someone to be so focused on vengeance that she would be willing to put up with the nightmare of pursuing the accusation. Look up the stats for false reports and you will find that it is miniscule, especially compared with the stats for unreported rapes, or presecutions that are dropped. Also, the few false accusations usually have a story that falls apart very quickly.
    5 days ago I read about a woman who is gogn to be jailed because she is afraid to follow through on a rape accusation:
    In the urban area where I live, there are neighborhoods deep in the grip of the “no snitching” culture. In those areas, people refuse to testify all the time. I have never heard of any of them being prosecuted, even if they are an eyewitness to a murder. This is overt”slut shaming” to send a message not to report rape in that jurisdiction.

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