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Zimmerman WAS Injured. Still Doesn’t Matter

Before all the hardcore bigots on the right start jumping up and down in joy, try using what passes for your brain for a second.

Ignore the “Shoot First” law, that one was invalid as a defense the second he stepped foot out of his car. Zimmerman isn’t even covered by a plain, old self defense justification. If you pursue a person, instigate a confrontation and get your ass kicked, that does not give you the right, under even the broadest interpretation of self defense, to shoot an unarmed opponent.

If you really believe that it’s OK to kill someone kicking your ass, or in other words, salving your bruised ego is worth a life, than you have a values problem no amount of Biblical lip-syncing can fix.

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3 thoughts on “Zimmerman WAS Injured. Still Doesn’t Matter

  1. Oh yes it does! If! If you kill a person whom right-wingers classify as un-American, i.e. a minority.

  2. Debbie on said:

    Excellent post! BTW, have we seen the x-rays of this “broken” nose? And since there was no signs of trauma to Zimmerman in the video at the police station, I would assume that he had a friend (brother?) punch him in the nose the next day so he could get some medical “evidence.” Or am I being paranoid?!

    • Cindy on said:

      No Debbie, you’re not. I’ve had the same thought. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if that turns out to be exactly what happened.

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