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Sleepy Time Thought: The Horror Of Green Energy

You know how people complain how both parties are just the same and all politicians are owned by corporations? Look no further than green energy to call bullshit on that. Solar and wind are endlessly renewable and can easily meet our energy needs even with the crude (relatively speaking) technology we have now. Democrats (most of them) are pushing it. President Obama is pouring billions into it and it’s working. Plant after plant are coming online across the nation. Every MegaWatt produced in this way is that much less dependence we have on dirty fossil fuels or dangerous nuclear power.

Republicans, on the other hand, are doing everything in their power to sabotage it. They’re trying to force the Department of Defense to abandon green technology. Why? Because with their limitless budget and the high priority the Pentagon has put on freeing the military from foreign fuel, it is only a matter of time until they make a breakthrough. Love it or hate it, the military has delivered a great number of technological advances we take for granted. GPS and the internet come to mind. This is something the right glosses over when they claim the government is useless.

Republicans are also trying to stop all government investment in green technology companies. We can’t stop oil subsidies or farm subsidies but solar and wind? Get rid of it!

With the exception of a handful of Democrats that are so obviously owned by Big Oil it’s disgusting, look at how the two supposedly “identical” parties approach the future of energy. It doesn’t get much more clear cut than that.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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5 thoughts on “Sleepy Time Thought: The Horror Of Green Energy

  1. Good night Justin…I am at a loss to truly comprehend the STOOPIDITY of the voting public!

  2. cryptologist on said:

    Have you noticed that a majority of the green energy firms we have invested tax payer money in have failed miserably or moved jobs overseas? Frankly we shouldn’t be subsidizing green energy or any energy for that matter. I don’t support the GOP attacking green energy (they should be attacking all subsidies) but I truly hate my government investing my money in failing companies. If I want to gamble my own money I will. Mr. Obama: You are not my investment broker.

  3. Cryptologist, this is not about making a profit on investment. Do we see a profit on oil exploration subsidies? Since the human and environment costs of dirty energy doesn’t seem to matter to you, how about this? You want the fiscal argument of why we should do this? Fine. The more we move away from fossil fuels, especially things like coal fired energy plants, the less air pollution. The less air pollution the less lung disease. The less lung disease, the less we as a society have to spend on caring for it, either in the form of medicare/medicaid or insurance premiums. Oh yeah, and that pesky Global Warming issue.

    • A better fiscal argument is that fossil fuels are a finite resource regardless of what some truly uneducated people on the right espouse. They will run out and it won’t take that long for it to happen. Therefor, preparing for a post fossil fuel future is not only a solid investment, it’s mandatory. Going cold turkey on FF is bad for the economy. It must be a gradual transition, preferably one that is based on US manufacturing, not Chinese.

      If we allow the Chinese to dominate the market and develop the technology at a faster pace, we will have forfeited one of the most crucial future markets. Unthinkable unless you are an oil tycoon or a Republican on their payroll.

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