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Today In Geekdom: The First Vulcan President

Set phasers to “Reelect”

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3 thoughts on “Today In Geekdom: The First Vulcan President

  1. First it was “Where the Wild Things Are” read to children, complete with entertaining facial expressions, now we have Nichelle Nichols and “Live Long and Propser”. He must be trying to wage war on traditional marriage and the Church and something, something, something…Darkside…

  2. It’s nice to know the President is forward thinking even welcoming a character from the 23 rd century. Lt Uhura was responsible for ship communications on the Enterprise as progressives well know and served on the bridge crew of the star ship of course as befitting her abilities and status. She and William Shatner broke new television ground in the first interracial kiss on the show certainly and possibly all of television. By this I mean a human from the planet earth, (Kirk/Shatner) and another human from the planet earth. ( Nichelle Nichols/Lt. Nyota Uhura ( Yes we are beyond racial delineations in the 23rd century) Roddenbery was after all, a forward thinker. And for those that have been living under a rock, or gone insane and set up shop on Wall Street, the two pairs of hands in the above picture express
    the Vulcan wish to “Live long and Prosper.”

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