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Today In Geekdom: Prometheus Is Almost Here!!!

Drool. Slobber. Did I mention drool? I cannot WAIT to see how the Xenomorphs ended up on the ship after it was all over. Or was it an ark ship meant to deliver a payload of death to Earth and there were multiple species of DOOM on board? EEEEEEEEE! I can’t wait!

Things we know: 1. The planet had a breathable atmosphere when Prometheus arrived, it doesn’t have one in Alien. Something bad had to happen in the interim. 2. Nobody survives this movie. Alien takes place maybe fifty years later. What are the chances of Weyland Industries ignoring a derelict alien ship that a survivor would have reported? 3. This movie is going to be frakking awesome!

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2 thoughts on “Today In Geekdom: Prometheus Is Almost Here!!!

  1. Bruce C. Miller on said:

    Well, you’re assuming that if anyone was left alive they would have been in a position to communicate home. You’re probably right, but the scriptwriters do have an out available.

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