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What The Frakk?!

How is this legal? Pointing out red light cameras and speed traps? Meh. I guess. You’ll still slow down or not blow the light. Helping drunk drivers avoid DUI checkpoints? Absolutely irresponsible. The first person that dies in a crash that would have been avoided by pulling a drunk driver off the road should result in a charge of Murder Two for “a killing that resulted from a depraved heart or extreme recklessness.”

Does that make me a liberal over regulating job killer? I’ll just bet it does. I’m against entrepreneurs making money off the death of others. What a dick I am!

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3 thoughts on “What The Frakk?!

  1. I don’t drink but I hate DUI checkpoints. Sitting in my car, waiting for my turn to get through, I boil. I never saw these things until Bush stole the White House. They are pure and simple fascistic fishing expeditions. Holding up everyone else to catch a few malefactors is not the American way. I don’t like the checkpoints. I think that they do very little to catch drunk drivers. And overall, they are a breach of the 4th Amendment of the US constitution.

  2. Gregory Reed on said:

    I still want to know exactly what is the “probable cause” that constitutes grounds to stop me at a DUI check point. Driving while intoxicated is bad, but just like the threat of terrorism, it ought not give the government free reign to trample our civil liberties.

  3. Normally I agree with almost all of what you say, but not this time. As pointed out above, DUI checkpoints really do violate 4th amendment. Since the usually are set up during “drinking” holidays, why not simply increase patrols that night? If the argument is that fear of DUI check points will curtail drunk driving, won’t the increased police presence have an identical effect, without violating civil rights? Accepting things like mandatory drug testing at jobs, and DUI checkpoints I really believe was the “slippery slope” that has us now as a society accepting drone killings and the Patriot act.

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