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It’s Official. I Prefer My Local Mom-N-Pop Hardware Store.

Last week I picked up a broom from my local hardware store. Unfortunately, it fell apart. Grrrr… So I took it back today and asked for another. The manager took a look at it and checked the other brooms. They all come apart the same way. He was not amused. Apparently it’s a new kind and he was not aware of this…flaw. He took it into the backroom, drilled a hole and put a screw in, which is what the manufacturer should have done but was too cheap to bother. Perfectly good broom now.

I find it VERY unlikely I would get that kind of service at Home Depot. Add that to the fact that the co-founder is a Republican douchebag and, yeah, I’m not going back unless I absolutely have to.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Official. I Prefer My Local Mom-N-Pop Hardware Store.

  1. I had bought a rake that came with a screw that was taped to the handle. There was a pre-drilled hole that you were required to screw the screw into. A year later the handle came loose. They had glued a 2 inch long piece of wood dowel to the end of the fiberglass handle where the screw went in. The glue gave out. I drilled a hole an inch higher and put the screw into the fiberglass. It will probably splinter next time I go to use it. Throw away products I am so sick and tired of buying.

    • nikki on said:

      The rake came with a screw for a reason…shipping. People that have spent years in retail know this. Lots of large item or awkward size/shaped items arrive at the store in pieces for ease of shipment. Every year, Party City receives megatons of reapers, scythes, axes and other halloween weapons that they have to assemble because shipping them already put together is a hassle and wasteful on packing supplies and shipping costs.

      Be glad your rake came with a screw.

      And yeah, I served my time at Hell Depot…it wasn’t pretty. And every year between Turkey Day and the rainy season, they do something they claim they don’t do…they cut heads. I never got a final count, but the day I was fired for a 3 month old bullshit claim (that I had tried to talj to my managr about 3 fukking times) either 5 or 6 of us got fired. A few weeks before that, 6 people got fired…in on day. 2 of those people got fired for, get this…they got fired for giving their 2 week notice! It’s all about ACE hardware now.

  2. Scott Rogerson on said:

    I completly agree!

  3. Benjamin Geiger on said:

    At least you still have a local hardware store. Around here, the choices are Home Depot and Lowe’s (and of the two, Home Depot is marginally less reprehensible).

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