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Now Why Wouldn’t The Police Want To Be Recorded Beating Up Protesters?

We’re #1! We’re #1! Well, actually, we’re #22 in press freedom. Why? Because our militarized police force has taken great issue with all these pesky citizens and journalists exercising their First Amendment right to record the use of excessive force against undeserving civilians. Particularly, this is has been a problem at the hundreds of Occupy protests as the police have repeatedly resorted to brutality to “make a point.” Following this smorgasbord of authoritarian fun has been a chaser of suppression of the press. Denying access, threatening journalists, arresting people and stealing confiscating cameras and cell phones, the police have done more to trample the Constitution then any Tea Party conspiracy could dream of. Funny that you don’t see the right screaming about this all that much. Of course, most of it is directed at the dirty hippie liberals of the Occupy movement so it doesn’t count, does it? Stupid bastards. What? Like it’ll stay that way? Once it becomes normalized and acceptable, no one will be safe.

Hell, the cops are trying to get the Supreme Court to rule that they can use tasers to ensure compliance in non-violent situations as opposed to self-defense or as an alternative to lethal force. Refuse to sign a speeding ticket? Tase. Not crossing the street fast enough? Tase. How nice.

I can’t imagine why the police wouldn’t want that on Youtube…

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7 thoughts on “Now Why Wouldn’t The Police Want To Be Recorded Beating Up Protesters?

  1. Cheryl Simon on said:

    Thanks to the Department of Homeland Insecurity, any person who exercises his or her First Amendment rights is considered to be a terrorist – ergo, any kind of treatment by law enforcement is allowed!

  2. It feels like this country has gone completly to the dogs & there is no hope for anyone to speak. I’ve wanted the Dept of Homeland Security gone for a long time–the protection it offers is zilch. Why does the Obama administration cast a blind eye to this tyranny & does the average person who is financially broke or not in the right uppity circles matter at all? Really, I mean? Do vets really matter? I am a vet & don’t seem to. Just seem to get punished by any powers that be in all areas of life & you cannot seem to communicate it to anybody or get any help at all. So I guess we go under & as they would have it, just die.

  3. No! I refuse to believe we cannot rescue our country from the crazy folks. Wavecrashin’, you, most of all, have the power to help! It touches the hearts of most of us when we set military members standing up for our rights, and makes idiots who usually can’t open their minds stop and think. You mustn’t think that what you do and feel doesn’t matter, because it does. The current powers that be, and talking heads, and Right Wing Nut Jobs do NOT speak for all of us. You are exactly the person we NEED speaking up, and asking all those who serve, and who defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, to speak up along side you. All of us must REFUSE to do what they want, refuse to shut up, to lie down and take it. NO, NO, NO!

  4. Superman on said:

    This is ridiculous. The police used brutality against Occupy Protestors? Yes, because the camps posed a fire hazard so dangerous that it posed an immediate threat to all of the lives of those within the compound. And today, at the NATO protests, protestors didn’t seem to mind becoming physical against the police, but the second the police rightfully responded they ran straight to the media and claimed oppressive tyranny.

    • Fire hazard? In open camp with no boundaries? Wow. You really just swallowed that bit o’ propaganda hook line and sinker, didn’t you?

      Now, try to get the red rage of Fox out of your eyes and stick to the point of the post. Cops are beating the crap out of people sitting in circles, pepper spraying sitting students and chasing the press away from all of it. If what they are doing is “legal” why stifle the press?

      • Superman on said:

        “Add to the problems of sanitation and crime occurring at the Occupy Wall Street site at Zuccotti Park a fire hazard caused by the protestors’ use of gas-fueled generators to provide power and warmth.

        It seems the presence of gasoline and other flammable liquids in conjunction with smoking and the lack of firefighting equipment have created the potential for a conflagration that could cause numerous injuries and deaths”

        Straight from Yahoo News. Also mentioned was the breaking of noise restrictions in the urban setting. But you’re right, anyone who disagrees with you is a right-wing tycoon who gets all of their information from Fox News, and falls for all the “propaganda” that we here. I’m not even a Republican and I know the Occupy movement was a bunch of dirty hippies who were convinced 9-11 was a conspiracy, which is just disrespectful, and aren’t sure what they are protesting about specifically, but are rather just protesting Wall Street. What does that even mean?

      • Nice try, if you had actually paid any attention you would have known those “dangerous generators” were there to provide power for laptops and cameras, were no inside tents and the only one used for heating was the medical tent.

        The whole “fire hazard” story was the NYPDs’ excuse to take the generators away weeks after they had been there. As for noise restrictions, please find me the part in the Constitution that says “you can protest but only if you;re not too loud.” Good luck with that.

        The fact that you think Occupy was all “dirty hippies” means you never actually went there. I did and I have the pictures and videos to prove it. Do you? Nope. So I repeat “You really swallowed that propaganda hook line and sinker.”

        Now, let’s get back to the point of the post that you keep evading, why are the police allowed to stifle the press? It seems to me that you are more interested in ignorantly complaining about “dirty hippies” you’ve never laid on except maybe on TV than in violation of Constitutional rights.

        How interesting.

        And before it occurs to your little “I’m not a conservative” brain, no, the police were not doing it to protect the journalist. They chased away a helicopter so they couldn’t film one of the big raids. Perhaps Occupy had a surface to air missile?

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