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Early Morning Metal: Run To The Hills!

Because nothing opens your eyes like METAL!

Why is metal better than pop? Because 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of pop is about A. Baby, I love you B. Baby, why don’t you love me? C. Baby, I love you but I’m leaving you D. Baby, I love you. Why are you leaving me? E. Baby, I don’t love you anymore F. Baby, I love you and I’m sorry I cheated on you G. Are you seeing a pattern here?

On the other hand, metal gives you songs like this:

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2 thoughts on “Early Morning Metal: Run To The Hills!

  1. Benjamin Geiger on said:

    You forgot the significant fraction of pop (mostly crossover from other genres, notably rap) that is about “I’m gonna get wasted and fuck anything that holds still long enough” or “I’ve got so much money that every gold digger in a hundred mile radius is fighting over a chance to fuck me” (or both).

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