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Standard Right Wing Propaganda

I try not to pay attention to these things but sometimes the stupid is so thick I just can’t resist.

What you have here is the usual deliberate distortion from the right. And it IS deliberate. It’s possible that the person who made this picture is actually so profoundly ignorant that they think this is accurate but I seriously doubt it. After months of the phrase “trans-vaginal ultrasound” being tossed around and the magical power of the internet that can show what that is as quickly as you can type it, I can only conclude that the point is to mislead gullible idiots. How else would a person confuse a regular ultrasound for a T-V ultrasound?

Just so you know, this particular picture was posted on April 21, long after the controversy started.

A further deliberate distortion is that liberals think abortion is “non-invasive.” This insinuates that we think it is no big deal. Nobody thinks this. We think it’s a traumatic and heart-wrenching decision to make but absolutely private and no one else’s business. Our goal is to make them safe and as rare as possible. Conservatives think pregnancy is a divine punishment for women having sex and want to do everything they can to ensure as many “punishment pregnancies” possible. Why else do you think they oppose contraception and sex ed so bitterly?

This is how the right debases political and moral debates in this country. Liberals says, “We want to keep violent criminals from buying guns” and a conservative will claim we said, “Ban all guns.” Liberals say, “We want everyone to have access to healthcare” and a conservative will claim we said, “Kill the sick and elderly.” Liberals say, “America is open to all religions, not just Christianity” and a conservative will claim we said, “Ban Christianity and the Bible.”

This is how people who are afraid to confront their own failings respond. Rather than simply admit their greed or fear or prejudice, they mischaracterize our positions to make it easier on their conscience when they oppose us. If conservatives would only be honest about their motivations, we could have an honest conversation but that will never happen as long as the political platform of the right is built on hate and anger.

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9 thoughts on “Standard Right Wing Propaganda

  1. There’s a name for this sort of logical fallacy, the “strawman” where you distort an opponent’s statement to make it easier to denounce.

  2. Casandra Buck on said:

    Stay out of my body and I will stay out of your church.

  3. very eloquent. sadly true.

  4. Nathan Miller on said:

    I was looking through that site, and it’d be quite funny how poorly they grasp most of the things they claim, if not for how sad it is.

  5. This is another example of conservative TeaVangelists trying to argue morality when the subject is civil rights.

  6. Also, the woman in the picture looks around 7-8 months pregnant. No one suggests terminating a pregnancy when the fetus is viable.

  7. and then the Christian Cons have the nerve to complain that there are “too many” minority births!

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