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Today In Geekdom: How To Zombieproof Your House

Of course, any REAL zombie enthusiast knows that land mines don’t kill zombies, just take off a leg or two making them potentially harder to spot in tall grass. Also, razor wire is pointless for a zombie attack as they will simply shred the skin off their bones to get through it. Not much of an impediment. The wall is not high enough and there is no way to escape the guard towers in case it gets surrounded. Also, hunting rifles are indispensable for compound defense against the walking dead. They’re cheaper, easier to procure and the ammo is most plentiful. They also have superior range with night vision scopes available.

Overall, I give this set up a C-. Good for a localized, Class 2 outbreak but risky for a class 3. A class 4 outbreak would overrun this house within an hour.

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