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Sleepy Time Thought: The Horror Of Green Energy

You know how people complain how both parties are just the same and all politicians are owned by corporations? Look no further than green energy to call bullshit on that. Solar and wind are endlessly renewable and can easily meet our energy needs even with the crude (relatively speaking) technology we have now. Democrats (most of them) are pushing it. President Obama is pouring billions into it and it’s working. Plant after plant are coming online across the nation. Every MegaWatt produced in this way is that much less dependence we have on dirty fossil fuels or dangerous nuclear power.

Republicans, on the other hand, are doing everything in their power to sabotage it. They’re trying to force the Department of Defense to abandon green technology. Why? Because with their limitless budget and the high priority the Pentagon has put on freeing the military from foreign fuel, it is only a matter of time until they make a breakthrough. Love it or hate it, the military has delivered a great number of technological advances we take for granted. GPS and the internet come to mind. This is something the right glosses over when they claim the government is useless.

Republicans are also trying to stop all government investment in green technology companies. We can’t stop oil subsidies or farm subsidies but solar and wind? Get rid of it!

With the exception of a handful of Democrats that are so obviously owned by Big Oil it’s disgusting, look at how the two supposedly “identical” parties approach the future of energy. It doesn’t get much more clear cut than that.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

Sleepy Time Thought: Men Are The True Victims? 5/16/2012

I get it guys, sometimes a woman will cry “rape” or “abuse” to get back at you, but, honestly, do you really think that those instances come even remotely close to matching the actual times a woman is raped or beaten?

Apparently some men do actually think this way. The National Coalition of Men is outraged that liberals want to renew the Violence Against Women Act because:

We cannot adequately address violence related issues by excluding half of the population, allowing precious resources to be squandered for ideological purposes, empowering false accusers at the expense of the true victims, and letting malfeasance and maladministration to run unchecked without holding applicable administrators accountable.

Ah. I see.

Here’s the thing: I am a male of the species known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens. By that very fact I am taller, stronger and faster than the vast majority of females of the same species. This is true of almost all men. Barring sickness or disease, even the low end of the male body type spectrum can expect to overpower a significant percentage of the female population. This is nature. This is fact.

Therefor, complaining that men are victimized by women enough that we need protection is absurd in the extreme.

I get it. Women are becoming increasingly powerful in a social, economic and even sexual sense (fifty shades indeed) and you find this threatening. Well boo-fucking-hoo. That’s not being a victim. That’s not even being powerless. That’s simply not being afforded unearned superiority. Think about it. As a man, you will never have to worry about living alone in a bad part of town. As a man, you will never have to worry about a girlfriend becoming aggressive after being dumped. As a man, you will never have to worry about your girlfriend giving you a black eye and swearing to never do it again. Until the next time she gets drunk, that is. As a man, you will never have to wonder if that girl walking half a block behind you late at night is following you. As a man, you will never have the fear that the girl who raped you and got away will come back. As a man, you will never EVER worry that a woman will overpower you and have you at her mercy.

And we’re supposed to believe that you’re the victim? Pathetic. Real men don’t feel threatened by women, only little boys do.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

Sleepy Time Thought: Liberals Made Me Do It!!! 5/14/2012

The paranoid world of the conservative is a wonder to behold. In 2010, they elected teabaggers and other assorted “patriots” because they were going to work on JOBS, dammit! Instead, they spend all of their time passing laws against abortion, Planned Parenthood, contraceptives, gay marriage, etc. This is both at the state AND federal levels. As a result of dragging Medieval social politics into the center of the debate, the right lost control of the narrative and got their asses kicked. The country is moving inexorably to the left on these issues just as it always has and they no longer serve as a winning strategy.

What’s a conservative to do? Blame it on the liberals, of course! Liberals forced the GOP to pass all those laws in the Republican dominated House and state Senates across the country. Liberals forced Rush Limbaugh to call women who use contraception “prostitutes” and “sluts.” Liberals forced Rick Santorum to base his entire campaign on putting women back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

We’re the guilty party! We have total control over the right’s agenda!

Bet you had no idea we were so powerful, right?

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

Sleepy Time Thought: Romney The Bully

Of all the things I’ve heard about Romney, this has to be the worst. I can see the dog on the roof as poor judgement. It’s not like the dog could talk and Romney strikes me as being particularly lacking in the empathy necessary to be a good owner. The whole Bain corporate piracy? Just business. Dickish business, to be sure, but it’s not like he had to look at these people while he destroyed their lives. Whatever.

But holding down a screaming kid and cutting his hair off? That takes a special kind of cruelty. I didn’t see much bullying in high school mostly because I was too big to bully and the one time someone tried to pick on a smaller kid in my presence I verbally abused them until they left. I can only wonder if I would have leaped to the defense of a gay kid being attacked by a group. I’d like to think I would but I’ll probably never know.

What I do know is that I would never have bullied some helpless kid myself and I certainly wouldn’t have held them down while they were screaming and crying. The soul of a bully is a cold and callous place that is unable to empathize with the pain of others. Indeed, it revels in causing that pain, whether physical or mental. I suspect that other stories like this will be coming in the weeks and months ahead.

Is this really the kind of man conservatives want for president? Sadly, considering the effort the right is putting into stopping anti-bullying laws, it probably is.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

Sleepy Time Thought: In The Night Kitchen 5/8/2012

I was saddened to hear that Maurice Sendak, the author/illustrator of one of my two favorite books from when I was a child, died today. In The Night Kitchen sent my imagination soaring through the starry sky to romp through a magical kitchen in which I would wear a suit of armor made of cake. I can’t even begon to guess how many times I reread that book. I had not realized that it had been banned in libraries across the country because the little boy was naked. As a parent of young children myself, I find such prudery to be ridiculous and look forward to the next year or two when my little ones are old enough to understand the magic of Sendak’s stories.

Milk! For the morning cake!

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

Sleepy Time Thought: I See White People… 5/6/2012

I just spent the weekend in Pennsylvania for my niece’s graduation from Penn State University. I was unprepared for the whiteness. It’s been years since I’ve been surrounded by such a homogeneous mix and I was disconcerted by it. My niece and her boyfriend that graduated the year before tells me that this is one of the most diverse graduating classes they’ve ever had. This tells me a great deal more about the state of higher education than any report or statistic you could quote me. Still, it was so…white!

I think my problem is that I consider it somewhat unnatural to have minorities be, well, minor in terms of representation. Obviously that comes from living in NYC, the capital of diversity, but it gave me a view into the mind of people from the Mid-West or the South where minorities have not really penetrated in any great number. If you are born, live and die in a mostly homogeneous demographic, listening to people like me tell you that the rights of “the other” matter just as much as yours can be very threatening. After all, they’re strange and alien to your way of life.

This doesn’t mean I accept their parochialism. A butterfly that cannot escape its cocoon is destined to whither and die and that’s sad. A butterfly that refuses to spread its wings is just pathetic and worthy of my scorn. 

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

Sleepy Time Thought: The Difference Between Character Assassination and Clarification 5/2/2012

In response to posting George Zimmerman’s MySpace profile in which he uses annoyingly “thug 4 life” language like “I can hit my boy up to handle a lil somethin with my sister and he’s at my house with his boys on bikes before i hang up with her! They do a year and dont ever open thier mouth to get my ass pinched” and calls the ex-girlfriend that accused him of domestic abuse his “ex-hoe,” I’ve been accused of character assassination just like the extensive smear campaign against Trayvon Martin.

Ummm…no. Here’s the difference: The attacks against Martin are for the sole purpose of making it seem like he deserved to get shot. Period. How do we know this? Because according to Zimmerman himself, the only thing Martin was doing was walking. Past that, absolutely nothing in Martin’s history makes the slightest difference because Zimmerman could not have possibly known it. Martin could have been a straight A honors student. He could have been a gangsta troublemaker. Doesn’t matter. He wasn’t doing anything at that moment. Everything else is irrelevant.

On the other hand, Zimmerman’s past is extremely relevant. His history of violence. The way he presented himself online as a poorly spoken tough guy. His past brushes with the law. His racist attitudes towards minorities. All of these things speak directly to his state of mind when he chased down a kid and shot him in “self defense.”

The first is character assassination. The second is character clarification.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

Sleepy Time Thought: Watermelon, Black People And White Privilege 5/1/2012

So the whole black Disney Princess hawking watermelon flavored candy thing seems to have set off a bit of a fault line among you filthy liberals. There were several comments about how it wasn’t racist because black people do, indeed, eat watermelon down South or that I was being overly sensitive. This was, of course, greeted with some serious hostility from others who did perceive it to be offensive.

However, I do feel the need to point out that there is a very long and negative history of associating blacks and watermelon (and fried chicken and even later, grape soda). There is nothing inherently racist about a black person eating a watermelon but then again, there’s nothing inherently racist about depicting a black person hanging from a tree. Do you see it now? It’s the history and context that gives it a racist connotation.

On the other hand, not recognizing this for what it is does not necessarily make you a racist yourself. You may be suffering from white privilege (even if you are not white) in which you can only see it from the white perspective. Well of course it’s not racist! Black people eat watermelon just like white people do so what’s the harm? Again, it’s the history and context. If this was Japan, no one would care. But it’s not. This is America and our history is our history whether we like it or not.

There’s a reason pictures like these exist and it’s not because black people enjoy watermelon just like white people do.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

Sleepy Time Thought: Bashing The Mainstream Media 4/26/2012

It’s ironic that many on the left, myself absolutely included, spend a great deal of time bashing the MSM. This is, after all, what the right has been working towards for decades ever since Ronald Reagan did away with the Fairness Doctrine. After that it was “liberal media this” and “liberal media that” culminating in Fox News whose specific purpose is to push a far right agenda. Fox was news you could trust! The MSM lied to you all the time.

Sadly, the MSM has fallen for this ploy hook, line and stinker. They are so cowed by charges of bias that they are actively biased in the other direction. They’ve taken the Fairness Doctrine and turned it on its head. Instead of providing contrasting viewpoints, they do the contrasting themselves with the intent of seeming “balanced.” The result is a lack of analysis and a presentation as fact of even the most egregious lie. The nightly news has become completely worthless and newspapers fare little better. This is why I get my information from sources I trust and I only trust them after I’ve vetted them for a time. Hell, I spent months fact checking Kieth Olbermann before I decided he wasn’t flimflamming me. I certainly expect to teach my kids how to be a discerning consumer of media. And I hope all of you do, as well.

I could promise that I’ll never lie to you but that’s just what a liar would say, isn’t it? I would hope that you, deranged liberal readers, fact check me constantly to keep me honest. I’m not particularly worried about that, though. What do I look like? A conservative? 😉

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

Sleepy Time Thought: The UK Double Dip Recession 4/25/2012

Conservatives in England must be celebrating tonight now that they’ve pushed the UK back into a recession. They savagely cut social programs and fired government workers all willy-nilly. They got pretty much everything they wanted: a smaller government that was supposed to save the economy. Shockingly, it didn’t. You cannot drain that much money from a struggling economy without consequences. But of course, that was the whole point, wasn’t it? First, blame the recession on social programs and bloated government instead of the banks. Second, enact harsh austerity measures that hurt the poor and middle class while preserving the perks and bonuses for the rich because they need that money to “save the economy.” Third, after the economy worsens, pretend that the austerity measures were actually working but something else dragged the economy down and you’re only going to reverse some of the austerity measures against your better judgement. Fourth, as the easing of austerity leads to slow recovery, claim that austerity worked after all and it would be foolish to fully restore the social safety net.

What you are left with is a weakened middle class, the poor are devastated, the safety net is frayed and the rich skate away laughing.

Why do you think Republicans are pushing for those same austerity measures here in the US? This is their modus operandi: take control of the government, explode the deficit, bloat the bureaucracy, blame liberal policies for the damage when they lose control and then demand “fiscal responsibility” that just happens to only target progressive social programs. Rinse, repeat. They’ve been doing this for decades.

If the Occupy movement hadn’t derailed their agenda by wresting control of the dialogue away from the right, we might be suffering the same fate as Britain right now.

Sleep tight you filthy liberal scum!

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