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I Feel Bad For Republicans

Think about all the things they pride themselves on:

1. Tough on terrorists – Obama’s killed more terrorists in 3 years than Bush did in 7. And we all know who got bin Laden.

2. Tough on illegal immigrants – Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than Bush. He’s even focused on primarily deporting violent illegal immigrants and since illegal immigrants commit less crime overall than run of the mill Americans (due to the fact they want to keep a low profile), the country becomes that much safer.

3. Masters of foreign policy – Obama has raised America’s standing in the world community after Bush completely tanked it. He’s getting us out of the quagmires in the Middle East and has unleashed the Kraken that is Hilary Clinton on the diplomatic world.

4. Masters of national defense – Bush allowed 9/11 to happen 9 months after taking office. Obama signed the START treaty over Republican objection (said treaty reduces nuclear stockpiles) and has stepped up efforts to secure loose nuclear material across the globe. Bush barely bothered with loose nukes and outed Valerie Plame, a CIA operative whose job it was to, yes, secure loose nukes and keep them out of terrorists’ hands. They did this for political revenge. Oh, and there hasn’t been a successful terrorist attack on American soil since Obama took office.

5. Piety – Obama quietly goes to church and does not make a fuss about it. Republicans use their religion like a weapon while flying in the face of everything Jesus actually says in the Bible.

6. Ethics – They’ve been desperately trying to manufacture a scandal since the day Obama was elected. They’ve completely failed so far. The list of Bush ethics violations is legendary.

7. Masters of the economy – The GOP sent us into the greatest recession in almost a century and grew the debt and deficit to monstrous proportions. Obama is on track to make systemic fixes to the economy that will make it stable for decades to come, the stock market is fully recovered, unemployment is finally back to what it was when he took office, the economy is (slowly) growing and he did all of this despite unprecedented obstructionism from the GOP.

He even looks better in a cowboy hat than Republicans.












Is it any wonder they hate him so much? Man, I sure do feel bad for Republicans.

But not really.

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6 thoughts on “I Feel Bad For Republicans

  1. This is so bad, and I love Obama to death I really do, but seeing him in that cowboy hat makes me think of Blazing Saddles.

  2. Reblogged this on While you were sleeping and commented:
    I don’t really feel “sorry” for them because they brought this all on themselves…but still they are to be pitied for their stupidity.

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