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Another Day In Tinfoil Hatlandia (Formerly Known As Arizona)

Oh noes! “America’s Sheriff” (he’s not MY sheriff TYVM!) Joe Arpaio has even MORE proof that Obama is a Reptoid, Nazi, zombie something or another. Seriously, this jackass has “future Fox commentator” written all over him. In the meantime, he’s doing his level best to taint the potential jury pool for his inevitable criminal prosecution for gross negligence and abuse of power.

From The Inquisitr:

Maricopa County, AZ –  Self Proclaimed “America’s” Sheriff Joe Arpaio is planning on making a second announcement concerning his “investigation” into President Obama’s eligibility to run for President or hold the office of President.   He plans to make the announcement in lat May or early June.

I plan on yawning just like I did for the last “big revelation.” The only good thing about Birtherism is that it dies when Obama leaves office in 2017. Too bad the naked racism that spawned it won’t.

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4 thoughts on “Another Day In Tinfoil Hatlandia (Formerly Known As Arizona)

  1. Please Don’t mention naked and Joe Arpaio in the same thought, ever again.

  2. dragontech64 on said:

    Seriously, what are Arpaio’s qualifications to inspect documents for potential forgery? What is his jurisdiction over federal laws? What are his technical qualifications to examine a SCANNED and DATA TRANSFERED (ie: non original) document to see if it is original and authentic? What training does he have from Hawaii on what constitutes legal proof of birth in that state?
    The answer to all of these is NONE! I could do as legitimate an examination of that long form birth certificate as he could. That is to say, NO real examination, just looking with biased eyes. What a waste of tax dollars Arpaio is. He is a bigot, a bully and as intelligent as one of the Saguaro cacti that dot southern Arizona.

  3. Wayoutinleftfield on said:

    I say we build a fence around Arizona, send all the gun-toting, right-wing-conservative, tea party, tinfoil-hat-wingnuts there! Let them have their own little wingnut utopia where they can run the govt. however they see fit (and not pay taxes if they don’t want to). See how that works out for them.

    • MindyMom on said:

      I couldn’t agree more with the posts. Let us remember Arizona receives more money, (as do most red states) from the Federal Government than they pay.
      It is time for the Blue States to say enough is enough, you don’t get one penny more in benifits, than you put in. I am tired of footing their bills, just so they can scream No new Taxes to both their state and the USA.
      They pass their Draconian laws, to take away the rights of all people and especially Women.

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