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Yes, Virginia, The Conservative Movement Is Explicitly Racist

Who is Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum? She’s the original Ann Coulter. Sort of. The EF has been active in conservative circles for decades and is one of the leading “anti-feminist” groups. Schlafly is also a blatant racist and the Eagle Forum has wholeheartedly embraced the idea that the browning of America is the worst thing to ever happen:

“It is not a good thing. The immigrants do not share American values, so it is a good bet that they will not be voting Republican when they start voting in large numbers.” But immigrants cannot vote until they become citizens meaning that they jumped through hoops those of us born here do not. They had to work for that right which makes them arguably more American. Or are we talking about their children? The ones born and raised here? I wonder if EF thinks that the children of Irish or German immigrants do not share American values? Oh wait, those are white people. You know, REAL Americans. – FLS

“Instead, the USA is being transformed by immigrants who do not share those values, and who have high rates of illiteracy, illegitimacy, and gang crime, and they will vote Democrat when the Democrats promise them more food stamps.” Not that the right wing’s war on public education could POSSIBLY have anything to do with that and we all know that only dirty brown people use food stamps, anyway. – FLS

These people are deeply embedded in the conservative movement and have guided its evolution for a very long time. They are not fringe players. Seriously, how blatant does it have to be? Does Mitt Romney have to put on a pointed hood and burn a cross? Does John Boehner have to dress up in black face? What, precisely, will it take for people to stop denying that racism is inherent in conservative politics in a way it could never be in liberal politics?

Standard Right Wing Propaganda

I try not to pay attention to these things but sometimes the stupid is so thick I just can’t resist.

What you have here is the usual deliberate distortion from the right. And it IS deliberate. It’s possible that the person who made this picture is actually so profoundly ignorant that they think this is accurate but I seriously doubt it. After months of the phrase “trans-vaginal ultrasound” being tossed around and the magical power of the internet that can show what that is as quickly as you can type it, I can only conclude that the point is to mislead gullible idiots. How else would a person confuse a regular ultrasound for a T-V ultrasound?

Just so you know, this particular picture was posted on April 21, long after the controversy started.

A further deliberate distortion is that liberals think abortion is “non-invasive.” This insinuates that we think it is no big deal. Nobody thinks this. We think it’s a traumatic and heart-wrenching decision to make but absolutely private and no one else’s business. Our goal is to make them safe and as rare as possible. Conservatives think pregnancy is a divine punishment for women having sex and want to do everything they can to ensure as many “punishment pregnancies” possible. Why else do you think they oppose contraception and sex ed so bitterly?

This is how the right debases political and moral debates in this country. Liberals says, “We want to keep violent criminals from buying guns” and a conservative will claim we said, “Ban all guns.” Liberals say, “We want everyone to have access to healthcare” and a conservative will claim we said, “Kill the sick and elderly.” Liberals say, “America is open to all religions, not just Christianity” and a conservative will claim we said, “Ban Christianity and the Bible.”

This is how people who are afraid to confront their own failings respond. Rather than simply admit their greed or fear or prejudice, they mischaracterize our positions to make it easier on their conscience when they oppose us. If conservatives would only be honest about their motivations, we could have an honest conversation but that will never happen as long as the political platform of the right is built on hate and anger.

Now Why Wouldn’t The Police Want To Be Recorded Beating Up Protesters?

We’re #1! We’re #1! Well, actually, we’re #22 in press freedom. Why? Because our militarized police force has taken great issue with all these pesky citizens and journalists exercising their First Amendment right to record the use of excessive force against undeserving civilians. Particularly, this is has been a problem at the hundreds of Occupy protests as the police have repeatedly resorted to brutality to “make a point.” Following this smorgasbord of authoritarian fun has been a chaser of suppression of the press. Denying access, threatening journalists, arresting people and stealing confiscating cameras and cell phones, the police have done more to trample the Constitution then any Tea Party conspiracy could dream of. Funny that you don’t see the right screaming about this all that much. Of course, most of it is directed at the dirty hippie liberals of the Occupy movement so it doesn’t count, does it? Stupid bastards. What? Like it’ll stay that way? Once it becomes normalized and acceptable, no one will be safe.

Hell, the cops are trying to get the Supreme Court to rule that they can use tasers to ensure compliance in non-violent situations as opposed to self-defense or as an alternative to lethal force. Refuse to sign a speeding ticket? Tase. Not crossing the street fast enough? Tase. How nice.

I can’t imagine why the police wouldn’t want that on Youtube…

It’s Official. I Prefer My Local Mom-N-Pop Hardware Store.

Last week I picked up a broom from my local hardware store. Unfortunately, it fell apart. Grrrr… So I took it back today and asked for another. The manager took a look at it and checked the other brooms. They all come apart the same way. He was not amused. Apparently it’s a new kind and he was not aware of this…flaw. He took it into the backroom, drilled a hole and put a screw in, which is what the manufacturer should have done but was too cheap to bother. Perfectly good broom now.

I find it VERY unlikely I would get that kind of service at Home Depot. Add that to the fact that the co-founder is a Republican douchebag and, yeah, I’m not going back unless I absolutely have to.

The Obama Campaign Disassembles Another Garbage Attack Ad

Go ahead, Rove, piss away your millions on bullshit, we’ll just keep passing around these simple fact checking videos that cost a couple of hundred dollars to make. Ain’t social media a wonderful thing?

What The Frakk?!

How is this legal? Pointing out red light cameras and speed traps? Meh. I guess. You’ll still slow down or not blow the light. Helping drunk drivers avoid DUI checkpoints? Absolutely irresponsible. The first person that dies in a crash that would have been avoided by pulling a drunk driver off the road should result in a charge of Murder Two for “a killing that resulted from a depraved heart or extreme recklessness.”

Does that make me a liberal over regulating job killer? I’ll just bet it does. I’m against entrepreneurs making money off the death of others. What a dick I am!

San Francisco 1906: A Libertarian Paradise

In 1906 an earthquake measuring between 7.7 and 8.25 hit California. San Francisco took the brunt of it. What wasn’t leveled outright burned later in uncontrolled fires. At least 3000 people were killed and almost 300,000 were left homeless of a population of 410,000. The Army was instrumental in keeping order and providing basic necessities until the civilian authorities could come to grips with the extent of the devastation.

Despite knowing full well that the area was prone to earthquakes, there were insufficient building codes in place. leading to hundreds, if not thousands, of unnecessary deaths. Afterwards, in the rush to rebuild, what little codes were in place were actually weakened until the 1950s. If San Francisco had experienced another quake of similar intensity, those older buildings would have been death traps just like the ones that preceded them. But who cares? No doubt the builders made money and they wouldn’t be the ones living and working in those houses and buildings anyway! And for the record, all those people in 1906 should have known better than to live in an earthquake zone and shouldn’t have expected help after their houses collapsed! Bootstraps, people! Bootstraps!

Behold the Libertarian Paradise!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When a Republican/Libertarian says that government regulations “kill jobs” what they really mean is “costs money.” Every year, tens of thousands of people are injured or killed due to corporate malfeasance. And that’s with laws that are supposed to prevent that from happening. How many misfiring neurons are required for a right winger to believe that corporations would behave better with less regulation? No EPA? No FDA? The next time some jackass spouts off about how much better the country would be without that pesky government interference, ask them exactly how many lives are worth increasing the bottom line? How many children have to die from food poisoning? How many infants have to choke to death on a toy that breaks apart too easily? How many elderly have to die from “medicine” with known, but concealed, deadly side effects? All so a CEO can make millions to hide in an offshore account. Ask them for the price tag in lives for “FREEDOM?” At what point did money become more important than lives?

I think you’ll find the answer most revealing about how little they think about the real world consequences of deregulation and “FREEDOM” or how little they care about their fellow human being.



The Only Real Reason To Oppose Gay Marriage


O’Keefe Strikes (Out) Again


Oh, it must be time for another O’Keefe piece of garbage, I mean journalism, nah, I’ll stick with garbage. This time it’s the damning proof of an immigrant illegally voting! We must enact voter suppression now before it’s too late and Republicans get voted out of office for being lying douchebags, errrr before liberals steal the election. Yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket!

Except that this dastardly democracy destroying evil-doer, Zbigniew Gorzkowski, just happens to be a naturalized citizen.

O’Keefe is the ultimate jackass just dying to reclaim his ACORN “glory.”

Zimmerman WAS Injured. Still Doesn’t Matter

Before all the hardcore bigots on the right start jumping up and down in joy, try using what passes for your brain for a second.

Ignore the “Shoot First” law, that one was invalid as a defense the second he stepped foot out of his car. Zimmerman isn’t even covered by a plain, old self defense justification. If you pursue a person, instigate a confrontation and get your ass kicked, that does not give you the right, under even the broadest interpretation of self defense, to shoot an unarmed opponent.

If you really believe that it’s OK to kill someone kicking your ass, or in other words, salving your bruised ego is worth a life, than you have a values problem no amount of Biblical lip-syncing can fix.

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